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Handmade Dreamland VHS

ga home videos 2020 take a look behind the scenes of dreamland with never before seen footage ranging all the way back to dave growing up in texas, to the band touring the world. enjoy 45 minutes of video set to the music of dreamland, the album. we’ve even left the tape set to “recordable”, so you can record your own home movies after ours (or over! be careful.)
everyday dreaming. don’t expect anything less than ga-lp3 standard production to engage your mind and take you to a world in full technicolor* (*rgb colour not guaranteed: some of the tapes are recorded in black and white. it’s a lottery.)
convenient viewing. no vhs player? never fear. this vhs doubles up as a work of art that you can stick on your shelf.
designed and made by hand by the band.
*pal encoded for uk and international vcrs*

10% of net proceeds will be donated* to naacp

*purchases are not tax deductible as a charitable contribution by consumer/purchaser. charity participation does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by universal music group or its affiliates.